Publishers Direct Choice will always excel in the areas of reliability, honesty and customer service.


The Data Processing Department is committed to diligence and accuracy in order entry while ensuring that each record has all the required information and is submitted so we may process your order in a more timely fashion.


You'll never lose compared with news-stand prices, and with Magazine Subscriptions you can even save as much as 87%! You'll find Magazine Subscriptions' prices to be amongst the best of the legitimate prices.

Company Profile

Publishers Direct Choice aims to offer you the best value for money for all your magazine subscriptions.

We work hard to: negotiate the most competitive subscription rates with our publishers for your benefit offer a very wide range of magazines, to provide you with a vast selection Our keystone to everything we do is “Our commitment to provide the best possible Customer Service” - our staff is highly skilled, friendly and customer oriented / responsive to your needs. You are our number one priority to us - so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. At Publishers Direct Choice not only do our owners have more than 10 years in the industry but so does most of our staff. Our business practices are reflected in the service we provide. We do not confuse and deceive our customers with free magazines and or gimmicks.